Camper Van Roof
Van Build / 8th Feb 2022

Van Roof, Fans, and Solar Panels

It's time to cut holes in the van's roof, to install the solar panels, a fan, and the LTE antenna!

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Hi, I'm Andrew! I program, give talks, make things, write about infrastructure, travel to as many mountains as possible, and generally collect hobbies. Sometimes, I even remember to write blog posts about them and put them here, though you'll probably find some more reliable nonsense from me on Twitter.

Van In The Road
Van Build / 18th Jan 2022

Planning A Van

The first step in building a camper van is, well, choosing the van. But how are they different, and which should you pick?

Mini Hovercraft Build
Build Notes / 10th Apr 2021

Mini Hovercraft

I challenged myself to build a mini hovercraft in only a few days as part of a new video series!

Weatherboard Top Without Cable
Article / 22nd Jun 2020

E-Paper Weather Display

What happens when you combine two-colour e-paper with bad Python? Weather! Well, weather displays.

Listkeeper run view
Article / 10th Jan 2020

The RFID Checklist

What do you do when you want to massively over-engineer a solution to forgetting your phone charger?

Canyonlands (with tree)
Trip Notes / 28th Oct 2019

The Long Drive

Over a thousand miles over some of the loneliest areas of the USA. What's not to love?

Lake Wakatipu
Trip Notes / 27th Mar 2019

Travel Equipment: 2019 Edition

Taking a look at some of the key travelling equipment I've grown to like in the last year of travel.