Article / 25th Sep 2007

Nearly there!

Update: A beta version is now up at - it has BUGS, like bad label placement (and inverted labels on some Acrobat installs), as well as rendering VERY SLOWLY while I try new optimisations. Bear with me, please.

Yes indeed, the new version of LastGraph has been mostly written over the past couple of days and should hopefully be ready to go live tomorrow.

Both the frontend and backend have been completely rewritten, and should hopefully be more stable and efficient. The label-fitting code has been drastically sped up (this was one of the bottlenecks), as well.

I've moved to Cairo for rendering; it has the advantage of natively outputting both SVG and PDF. Oddly enough, PDF sizes have plummeted now they're being written fresh rather than converted; a year and a bit of my history is under 200kb, which is a pleasant surprise indeed.

The graphical style has changed a little, mostly due to the fact that I've rewritten all the rendering code and so some things aren't quite how they used to be.

It is also quite likely that there will be some bugs in the first few days; hopefully this can get sorted out.

I've moved to using Amazon S3 for storage, so I'll have no more hard disk space worries, at least.

As a small 'gift' to tide things over, here's a sneak preview of the new graph output, as a PDF.